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Saturday, October 30, 2010


The first animal we saw was a blue monkey:
Not sure why it is called that, for nothing is obviously blue.  Have you seen a brown and white zebra?  Well, it turns out that younger ones are brownish:
as compared to:
This zebra is pregnant.  Logic would argue that there are black strikes on a white background, but, the correct answer is that the zebra is black with white markings.

Lions were everywhere:
Including under our Land Cruiser:
Unfortunately, sometimes they refused to move, so the vehicle was stuck for a while.  There were elephants galore:
Note the eyelashes of this Rothschild giraffe:

We saw rhinos in the distance, most of the antelopes, various monkeys and wildebeest (there are a million of them).  No chimpanzees yet (until tomorrow), and no sign of a bonobo, but that is because it is found in the Congo.  I've always thought we were closer to the bonobo than a chimpanzee.

A relatively new gem is Tanzanite, found only near Mount Kilimanjaro and said to be available for another decade.  It is mostly bluish to purplish:

but with rare hues:
as seen in the top line above.  It is about a third the price of sapphire, relatively hard, but with a brittleness.  I sought out a tanzanite dragon, but like my blue jade dragon, could not find one.

There are two hurricanes at 75 MPH in the Atlantic, Chary of no threat and Tomas to glide south of Cuba and strengthen.  This one looks potentially dangerous.  In the west Pacific, Typhoon Chaba weakened and moved sufficiently east of Japan.


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Tanzania Safari said...

Two of my favourite pictures I have seen for a god while: the one of the baby zebra – you can really see how different it is from the older one, it’s fascinating. And the close up of the long eyelashes of the Rothschild’s giraffe,