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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm scheduled to provide a lecture on THE BLUE REVOLUTION tomorrow, Thursday, August 5, at 6:30PM, theater of the Hanauma Bay Educational Center.  I thought it would be appropriate to provide a quick summary of the concept.  Chapter 4 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth is so titled.

I first went to GOOGLE and typed in THE BLUE REVOLUTION.  At the top was THE BLUE REVOLUTION, an article from the New Internationalist.  However, the presentation was only on seafood.

The second entry was THE BLUE REVOLUTION by Scienceline.  Click on it and you receive a FORBIDDEN warning.  However, this is just a university portal which in this article talks about aquaculture.

The Promise of the Blue Revolution is a column by Jeffrey Sachs from Scientific American.  Again, only fish.

#4 was Blue Revolution by World Wide Words.  This one had only to do with drinking and irrigation water.

#5 is Blue Revolution, and the need for aquaculture to go green.

Finally, finally, #6 was Patrick Takahashi:  Blue Revolution, and clicking will lead to my second HuffPosting on the subject.  It specifically indicated that I (really, Leighton Chong, Chief Counsel for the Blue Revolution) trademarked (77/452663) the term.  A fuller treatment of the system can also be found in the Huffington Post as The Dawn of the Blue Revolution.

What this comes down to, I guess, is that The Blue Revolution is not a hot topic today.  I'm not referring to a DVD or a baby stroller.  If anything, with the Gulf Oil Spill, the overwhelming mandate today is to preserve, not develop, the ocean.  Otherwise, almost all references  to utilizing the seas around us pinpoint seafood or freshwater as the commodity.

My Blue Revolution is a full cornucopia of bioproducts, plus the potential of environmental remediation.  What exactly is this?  Well, you need to come to my lecture, or click on those articles above.

OH, HAPPY 49TH BIRTHDAY, MR. PRESIDENT!  David Plouffe reports to me and the world that more than a million have already signed a special birthday card, and it is still not too late.  Go to the Happy Birthday Barack web page.  It just occurred to me that I've never seen him in an aloha shirt.

The Dow Jones Industrials went up 44 to 10,690, with world markets also mostly increasing, save for the Japan Nikkei, sinking 205 to 9489.  Gold moved positively by $4/toz to $1194 and crude oil remained at $82/barrel.

That disturbance in the Caribbean remains iffy, but there are now two spots in the East Pacific, way south of Baha, and the other further east, both tentative, and currently projected to go anywhere from Mexico to Hawaii.


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KailuaKona3000 said...

Wish I could be there, Pat! Blue Revolutionists Unite! Which reminds me, I will drop Leighton an email today.

Mahalo for all you do!