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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Sun continues to shine today in Munich. I explored the Deutsches Museum, the largest museum of technology and engineering. I paid around $10 to enter. They say you can spend days here. However, I lost interest after an hour and a half. Frankly, it was all very boring.

The Concierge recommended Hax'nbauer at Marienplatz, and it all looked tempting from the sidewalk, with suckling pigs being crisped through the window. Unfortunately, this dish is not available until 6PM, so the only other real option was a meal of pig knuckles, something I've avoided all my life. Oh well, why not, so it came with two potato dumplings, and a mug of beer. Fortunately enough, nothing looked like knuckles, and the skin was quite crisp. All in all, a good meal.

Tomorrow, Helsinki. Lufthansa will be on strike from February 22-25. My flight tomorrow, and the past four, have been on this airline. Tomorrow is February 18, so I should be okay.

Dow Jones and crude oil to the right.

Tropical Cyclone Rene battered Tonga as a Category 4 storm, but only caused some property damage, should miss Fiji, weaken, and dump some rain on New Zealand.

Tropical Cyclone Gelane is turning into a monster, but should pass Mauritius to the East:

Interestingly enough, "something" has formed South of the Big Island, and this is only February. Is the Pacific warming?


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