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Friday, February 5, 2010


Click on "Progress in Southeast Asia," my article today in The Huffington Post.

Last night, a fantastic dinner at Vertigo, 62 floors under the stars, with Curtis Lee (Hawaii) and Pat and Ray Potts (Oklahoma). As the reviews said, pricey, but amazing. The top entre is a Matsuzaka beef meal, for, actually, less than you would pay at very expensive restaurants around the world. This could be the #1 beef in the world, certainly, better than Kobe beef. How much? You need to go to find out.

Today, a boat ride, visit to another king's palace, lunch at the massive Seafood Market and Restaurant (can sit 1500). Their motto is: If it swims, we have it. Ray having a red snapper below.

Kerry Noyes and Joseph Kapolka (Minnesota) waiting for their meal to arrive.

The Tauck final supper was Thai at the Shangri-la. This was, maybe, the first time I actually enjoyed a Thai meal. I've hated Thai food all my life, probably because of the fish sauce, which is added to everything. It turns out that Vietnamese food also uses essentially this same fish sauce, which is, with variations, fermented anchovies (for a year or so), in saltwater. Thus, the slightly brownish liquid does not need to be refrigerated. I still don't like the smell, but I'm adjusting.

Curtis in the left photo and Dave Marder (California) on the right. Our dinner table with Karen and David Marder, Stan and Maureen Paperny (California) and Curtis.

The Dow jones snuck up 10 to 10,012, while world markets dropped, including Japan, which is now at 10,057. Which will sink below 10,000 first, for the Dow was at 9835 earlier today. Hey, our unemployment rate declined to 9.7%, after reaching a max of 10%, and staying there for two months. Crude oil fell all the way down to $71/barrel, while gold rose a buck to $1066/toz.

Tropical Cyclone Oli surprised everyone by suddenly intensifying up to a Category 4 storm, southwest of Tahiti. However Oli is moving away and, now at 120 MPH, weakening.


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