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Friday, February 26, 2010


There are no Top 100 restaurants in Amsterdam. For lunch I went to Cobra, located next to the Rijksmuseum. I ordered a beer, jenever (Holland gin that has no smell of juniper) and a dutch sausage dish. What came was a hotdog with a lot of vegetables.

I asked, what is a typical lunchtime meal in this country. My concierge said some kind of sandwich. But, isn't there some restaurant that serves a typical Dutch meal? No, he said. Okay, then, what can you recommend for dinner. He made a reservation at a family diner which serves comfort food for the Dutch only a few minutes walk away. So I went and ordered their special of the day. I got what amounted to a tossed green salad with Gorgonzola cheese (you would think they would use some type of Dutch blue) and steak. The beer was Heineken draft (which was unusually
sweet), the french fries came with mayonnaise (which was also slightly sweet) and the beef had a teriyaki type sauce, also sweet. Not exactly the Dutch meal I imagined, but, I guess, this is what they eat here. I've already forgotten the name of the restaurant.


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