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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MUGA Day #24: Shanghai--Mr and Mrs Bund

Mr and Mrs Bund is the 7th rated Asian restaurant in Pellegrino's Best 50:

  #1    Narisawa  (Tokyo)
  #2    Ryugin (Tokyo)
  #3    Nahm (Bsngkok)
  #4    Amber (Hong Kong)
  #5    Restaurant Andre (Singapore)
  $6    8 1/2  Otto E Mezzo Bombana (Hong Kong)
  #7    Mr and Mrs Bund (Shanghai)
  #8    Ultraviolet (Shanghai)
  #9    Iggy's (Singapore)
#10    Gaggan (Bangkok)

My meals on this trip included Narisawa, Nahm and Mr and Mrs Bund.  Last year I ate at Ryugin (for dinner--I went to Jiros for lunch), Restaurant Andre and Iggy's.

Above was the view from my table of the Oriental Pearl Tower.  The music was upbeat nostalgic French songs and the room was packed.  The service was efficient but developing with respect to polish.  The breads were fanciful and bountiful.

I had a Hess Cabernet Sauvignon and New Zealand Malborough Sauvignon Blance with two courses:

An arugula, truffle and Paris mushroom salad topped with a soy dressing, plus a vanilla corn soup with truffle flakes.  If you like truffles, and I do, this should be heaven.  The second course involved garley parsley frog legs and truffle risotto with Paris mushrooms:

While the fusion was French dominated, that foam evokes of El Bulli.  You can't see it above, but there were large slices of truffles, that addictive nutty and flowery fungus that dominated this meal:

For the view, reputation and exceptional cuisine, the value was outstanding.  I thought the wines were over-priced, which made the food all that much more extraordinary.

On the way back I took a walk on the Bund, pronounced like fund, having early Persian connections, although it means quay or exactly like the German bund, a riverfront area.

That, of course, is Chairman Mao.  The Oriental Pearl Tower was built in 1994 and is 1535 feet tall.  Here are the current tallest towers:

The Tokyo Skytree is 2080 feet high, while the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 2722 feet, the tallest man-made structure.  The proposed Nakheel Tower, also in Dubai, has been rumored to maybe be anywhere from a kilometer (3281 feet) to mile (5280 feet) high.


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