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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MUGA Day #22: Pierre Gagnaire

I don't think Michelin nor Pellegrino has yet to rate Korea, but Pierre Gagnaire certainly would be among the best in the country.  He has 13 restaurants, with, of course, 3 Michelin Stars in Paris and the one in Las Vegas is called Twist.

I was here nine months ago and indicated that that was my most memorable lunch.  Located at the top of the Lotte Hotel on the 35th floor, the view from my window table today was spectacular:

Initial amusements with a Kir Royale:

Just the bread serving was worthy of a photo:

The appetizers:

Grilled white pudding and sliced duck breast with cumin, sweetcorn ice cream, and cube of red cabbage gel with beer/humus.

The main entre was:

The beef with porcini cream and foie gras carpaccio was from a ranch close to Seoul and the wine was a Chateauneuf-du-Pape.   The dessert was simply called the lemon, but was topped with a paprika jelly:

Expresso, petits fours and calvados:

I did not add terms like brilliant, creative, delectable, etc., but they were all these and more.  The service was flawless and efficient.  Alexandre Ribola, the restaurant manager, was particularly helpful and accommodating.  Surely, Pierre Gagnaire in Seoul will someday attain a 3 Michelin star ranking.

Amazingly enough, for the first time in a long time, I was not overly stuffed.  Plus the bill was around one-third of what I paid in June.  I noted, though, that of the many tables available, only three were occupied.  I indicated to Alexandre that this was such a waste.  They needed to find a way to make this a must-go-to lunch experience.  Three Michelin Stars would help.

To balance my food intake, I hardly had anything this morning, and later that day, my entire dinner consisted of mixed nuts and my Johnny Walker Blue Label:

Plus I went up to the Executive Club and had a grand view:

Accompanying a baked escargot, sashimi and chicken shish kabob with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon,  Johnny Walker Black Label on rocks and champagne.  Frankly, I failed to drink all that alcohol.

When I returned to my room, just outside my window, I was entertained by indie band Mongoose, in concert on the grounds of City Hall, today's One Day Without Shoes charity gig in aid of barefoot children the world over.

Tomorrow, if Kim Jong Un waits at least another 24 hours, I'll be on my way to Shanghai.  But, oh great, North Korea just announced on television that "our retaliatory action will start without any notice from now!"  A reaction to what was called insults from the "puppet authorities" in the South.  Perhaps they were referring to the visit of Secretary of State John Kerry, who seems to be crossing my path these days.


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