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Monday, April 15, 2013

MUGA Day #21: Miracle at the Westin Chosun

I went up to the Executive Club for a Jack Daniels on ice with a lot of lemon slices, and watched the Sun go down.  Then, I thought I'd have dinner at Ninth Gate, which gazes at the Temple of Heaven (scroll down to what this is).  I wavered between their special with Korean steak and a vegetarian assortment.  I picked the latter:

Corn and stuff, french fried in truffle oil, spinach with pine nuts and a Caesar's salad.  I had a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling water.  Very healthy and enjoyable.

I was going up to my room when I thought, why not.  Three years ago, I picked a Johnny Walker Blue Label at their main bar, I think it was called Compass Rose, it was nightclub and to the left is part of their setting.  The price was high, but on special offer, which means it was much cheaper than normal.  The attraction is that anytime in the future when I returned, they would serve my bottle with ice, peanuts, etc., and at no cost.  Also, no tipping.  Great, except for one problem.  They totally re-did the hotel, moved the bar to the other side of the building, changed the name to Circle and no doubt drank my Blue Label.

So expecting total failure, I asked, and provided my business card.  The Miracle at the Westin Chosun is that they found my Johnny Walker Blue Label bottle:

I really had too much to drink tonight, so I told them I'd return tomorrow night.  This miracle rivals those I described in my second book, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to have lunch at Pierre Gagnaire, which is next door to the Westin Chosun.  It was only nine months ago that I had my most memorable lunch here.  I look forward to another memorable experience.

Kim Jong Un, keep the peace.  I leave from Incheon for Shanghai on Wednesday.


Tropical Cyclone Imelda at 75 MPH is lurking east of Mauritius and Le Reunion.  However, all models show this storm weakening before causing any damage:

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