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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Two years ago I reported on Cinco de Mayo (fifth of May) as:

Most of you don't know that Cinco de Mayo is only celebrated in the U.S. as a kind of Mexican Heritage Day, akin to St. Patrick's Day and Ohktoberfest (which begins in Germany in September) mostly for the liquor consumed. In Mexico, May 5 represents a minor 1862 battle victory over the French, but it took another five years before Independence was attained. These excuses for drinking to excess make life all that more tolerable, I guess.

In 2010, most Americans celebrated over the weekend, again, so the volume of alcohol consumption could be maximized, but today, May 5, is the official day. Even President Barack Obama held his reception yesterday, remarking "Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro," not quite the "Cuatro de Mayo," he wanted, and went on to mentioning that the Phoenix Suns would be wearing "Los Suns" uniforms in their game with the San Antonio Spurs. The politics of immigration have provided a new meaning to this Latino celebration, and normal celebrations might have been subdued because of this Nazi Germany-like action in Arizona.

For those not into tequila and margarita, click on The Star Ledger for a few Mexican recipes. If you instead insist on maximizing your volumetric input of ethanol, watch out for DUI patrols. Vote on who makes the best margarita in Arizona by going to Texas is also known for this drink. Then, there are those who go to extreme lengths and incorporate creative ingredients.

The Dow Jones Industrials fell 59 to10,868, with the Japan Nikkei down 3% to 10,714. All markets were lower today, probably in fear of Greece and what is happening in Europe. Gold went up $5/toz to $1177 and crude oil dropped below $80/barrel.

The Green Safari has been invited to a Manager's BBQ Cinco de Mayo reception where some of us are staying. Earlier today we completed our marathon play at Paradise Valley in Fairfield, possibly the best
course of the seven we experienced. David Block almost won today, and Kenji Sumida was awarded a grand sum of $12 for the worst total performance for the entire tour. Lefty Yamamoto, of course, came in #1.
Immodesty prevents me from reporting other details. There was unanimous consent that Hisui 2 was the best restaurant of the tour.


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