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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is the final part of The Venus Syndrome.

Under even the worst case scenario, we will not personally be significantly affected by the Greenhouse Effect. Unless, of course, you live at sea level, or happen to be in the path of a Category 5 hurricane triggered by climate warming. But even pessimists feel that much of the real damage will occur in our children’s children lifetime, if not later. Remediation of global climate warming is a generational responsibility to insure for a better future.

Say a premature Venus Syndrome does begin to transpire as depicted in the previous section. The prospects of accelerated mining/harvesting of methane from the permafrost, marine clathrates, peat bogs and the like, as an emergency measure, are not realistic as a corrective measure. To artificially cover these deposits would similarly be impractical. All this might make for an interesting TV movie, but, the cure is in the prevention.

There is scientific proof that the atmosphere warmed AFTER supposed historical methane catastrophes. Thus, first, this will happen again if there was no humanity. Earth has always recovered. The difference this time is that WE are probably warming the planet, and by doing so, could very well trigger the Big One, the version which does turn Earth to Venus. What, then, is the simple solution for the Venus Syndrome? Very simply, reduce global warming.

But who do you believe? The environmentalists? Wired graded them:

o Environmental Defense A-
o Natural Resources Defense Council B+
o Sierra Club B-
o Greenpeace C+
o Friends of the Earth International C

But what is Wired and why listen to them? It doesn’t matter, all these organizations decry global warming and blame the White House. We can also add us to the list.

Who, then, can be the savior? Well, what about Al Gore? His An Inconvenient Truth documentary and book tell it all. He might just make investments in the greening of the world profitable, and as a by-product, convince the common man about the seriousness of global warming. In a note to his mailing list, James Hansen said that, while he had his differences with the former Vice President, the movie was gripping and the book a perfect complement. To quote: “Al Gore may have found a recipe for the Silent Spring of global warming.” Hanson further hints that Gore might well be the Winston Churchill we need now to save our planet. Jim also had a disclaimer, indicating that his opinions as expressed are personal views under protection of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. There is the White House, you know.

All it takes is the will of the people, but this has to begin somewhere. Gore could become a catalyst, but take Wal-Mart, for instance, the biggest company in the world…yes, even larger than ExxonMobile. Known by some as Wal-Bad, or the corporate equivalent of Saddam Hussein, Wal-Mart has a reputation for crushing the local competition, outsourcing its products to foreign competitors, paying low wages, and more. But you could, a few years ago, purchase a year’s supply of kosher dill pickles, Vlassic, mind you, a whole gallon, for $2.97. But no family could finish the pickles, much was thrown away, and in 2001, Vlassic filed for bankruptcy. Maybe Wal-Bad begins to make sense. Suppliers still contend, though, that it is worse not to do business with them, and people keep buying things from them.

One of two things happened, and probably both. Either all the public backlash got corporate headquarters to improve its public relations, or, maybe, Wal-Mart decided that it was their responsibility to improve Planet Earth, for, beginning in 2005, this company started holding its suppliers to be more accountable for environmental and social standards at foreign factories. A more punctilious Lee, Wall-Mart Chief Executive H. Lee Scott, Jr., said the public was beginning to target their stores, not the suppliers, about these issues, so that it was smart corporate policy to be conscientious.

The most important person in the world is the President of the United States, who, until the end of 2008, will be George W. Bush. On May 17, 2006, The Honolulu Advertiser reported that April was the warmest month ever, 4.5°F (2.5°C) higher than the norm. On the same page in the very next column was a headline, “New lows for Bush, GOP in latest poll.” Bush’s approval rating dropped to 33 percent, and Democrats were now favored to handle all 10 issues measured in the Post-ABC News poll. Surely enough, in November, both houses of Congress came under the leadership of the Democrats. Hmmm, maybe the people are becoming concerned. Nah, that had more to do with the Iraq War.

The simple solution to the Venus Syndrome is to prevent global warming. Is our society capable of doing so? Maybe not, but we do vote and can otherwise make our views known. Who knows, maybe the only solution to the Venus Syndrome might well be the Free Hydrogen Age, described in an earlier blog. The solution, thus, is a network of activities, concepts, leaders, etc., making the effort far from simple. Look for The Venus Syndrome: the Novel.
Hurricane Ike is now back up to 97 MPH, should increase to at least 120 MPH in two days, making landfall Saturday morning anywhere from the Mexican border to Galveston, with Corpus Christi still the likely target, then turning northward towards Houston by Sunday morning.
Tropical Depression Lowell at 35 MPH did make that expected right turn, and should hit Baha in 36 hours.
Typhoon Sinlaku is at 125 MPH and should move towards Taiwan, but largely keep offshore and towards Okinawa.
Crude oil is holding steady at $113/barrel, while the DJI rose 38 to 11,269. The U.S. Senate is hosting an energy summit on Friday, but expectations are low that an actual energy bill can be passed by September 26, when they adjourn for the year.

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