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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Start with the Right Attitude

A more specific subtitle for SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth could have been: the Art of Research Entrepreneurialship. But, how many of you would care, and, anyway, that is far too limiting, for the whole point of this book and final guide is to aid in preparing the foundation to help you make this a better world. If all of this succeeded for me in competitive surroundings with brilliant people and a stultifying bureaucracy, success should be more easily attained in a “lesser” ecosystem manned by a bunch of losers, with your personally meaningful crusade where your goal can be more magnificent. After all, energy is about as prosaic as you can get. If it so happens that you are among those losers, this could be the last chance to justify your reason for being.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to do it alone. An important key to success will be to cultivate the right people working together in common purpose. But why would anyone listen to you? What is it that can set you up to take on any leadership role? In the salesmanship of teaming, there is something about good attitude that always works. Conversely, the wrong approach can royally screw up anything. There are books on these subjects, but let me provide just a few examples to get you going:

1. To attain success, work hard, but don’t commit any crimes or shoot yourself in the foot (the latter, from An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, a board member of an organization I helped start).

2. On the very few things you can control, do the best job possible: be on time, say thank you, smile a lot, show enthusiasm, etc.

3. Regularly and carefully take risks, but remember to protect your feet (see above) and learn from your mistakes, because if you try anything different, you will.

4. Always make that extra effort and take that extra step or two or three. If you think you are right, be persistent without being a pest.

5. Think, as, for example, something lawyers learn: never ask a question if there is any chance that you won’t like the answer or be limited by that response. Also, be free about asking for assistance, for almost everyone really does want to be helpful.

6. Sincerely give credit when due, and take as little as possible. Also, too, personal relationships are more important than the attainment of any goals. Many times they conflict with each other. The choice to take should be obvious, stick with people.

7. For any reasonable task, you need a group of individuals from different organizations, and it’s more effective if the whole village worked together. The 2004 Olympic basketball results showed how much teamwork matters. America had the stars, but we lost. Sport teams learn this lesson, but, unfortunately, and unconsciously, schools teach us to look out mostly for #1…me…you. It will take a monumental shift in attitude for you to eliminate this flaw by leaning towards us and we.

8. It makes sense to trust others to do what you could have if you had more time, for you will never have enough to do everything well yourself. Then, too, most people around you actually can do certain things better than you.

9. Use good judgment by becoming invaluable to those around you and consider every interaction as an opportunity to build friendships. However, learn how to say no without alienation.

10. Use uncommon sense: understand, but do not be stymied, by life’s contradictions: never lie, but you don’t need to necessarily publicize certain truths; even without sufficient information (which is at least 90% of the time), make a decision, except for 5% of the time when no decision is the right one; never give up, but, sometimes, you must; and, while integrity is really important, you can’t allow people who don’t deserve it to run all over you, so, find a way. Most never get to appreciate the value of using common sense, which is a synonym for uncommon sense.

11. Neutralize the negatives, with only one example being: avoid insulting or embarrassing anyone, for these are the ones who will come back to bite you.

12. Enjoy life! Success comes with good health, both physical and mental, not only for you, but for your family and those around you.

Ah, a good dozen attitude pointers you can weave into your mission. These are not the LESSONS, which will come next, but the controlling attitudes for success.
Tropical Storm Kyle is well into Canada, and should have materially weakened by now, although at last check, was still swirling at nearly 60 MPH...but should dissipate over the next 24 hours. Tropical Storm Laura, also at around 60 MPH, continues on a northward path and should remain on a pathway to obscurity over the next few days. It's somewhat surprising, though, that both Kyle and Laura are remaining cyclonic at high wind speeds so far north.
Those West Pacific storms keep coming, as Tropical Storm Mekkhala made landfall on Vietnam yesterday, with rainfall amounts of a foot over half a day; Tropical Storm Jangmi at 60 MPH is already bringing considerable rain to Kyushu, and will weaken, but bring more precipitation to Japan over the next few days; and Tropical Storm Higos just formed east of Manila, and should hit the Philippines before becoming a typhoon, then, probably as a weakened tropical storm unto China a couple of days later.
Well, this is not 1929, as the Dow Jones Industrials jumped 485 points to 10,851 today. What about the the failure of the Emergency Economic Act of 2008? I guess my posting of yesterday suggesting no action on part of Congress might make some sense, after all. Even oil is acting normally, as there was a jump back up to $102/barrel.

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