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Sunday, August 12, 2018


This is the 102nd day of the Lower Puna Eruption and lava is still oozing, but most definitely reduced.  Madame Pele saved the political career of David Ige, as he rather convincingly beat Colleen Hanabusa.  Sometimes it pays to be a nice guy.  With Hanabusa running a particularly rancorous campaign, what a relief that Hawaii won't have to contend with an idiot President running the country and a rather negative figure in charge of the state.  Well, Trump is still there, but Mueller will take care of that.

Another victory made Sharon Moriwaki, a long-time colleague at the University of Hawaii, former golf buddy, clean energy advocate and attorney, a state senator.  She and David still have the general election on November 6, but they will win.  The photo on the right shows them with UH Sustainability Coordinator Matt Lynch and director of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute Rick Rocheleau.  A great day for them...and me.

A third person in our Saturday foursome was Eddie Chiu.  He is getting married this month:

I should let you know that you are not invited, I was.


The 15 Craigside Photo Club visited the Waikiki Aquarium yesterday.  Here are a few photos I took:

There was a short period when I was way up there in administration at the University of Hawaii and the director of the Waikiki Aquarium reported to me.

This is a rather tiny showcase with colorful, but sometimes fearsome, displays:

Not only did our group get in for free, but I was (everyone else boarded the van and went home) treated to the the 36th Hawaiian Slack Key Festival:

Jonah Domingo was the first performer.

I had lunch at the Barefoot Beach Cafe:

I enjoyed loco moco, onion rings and lilikoi shave ice, with a spectacular view of Waikiki Beach.  Not a particularly healthy combination, but, heck, this was Saturday afternoon in Purgatory.


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