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Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Day 91 of the Lower Puna Eruption, and here is a recent video clip, which is later repeated.  With tragedy sometimes comes community cooperation.  Here is a video clip describing success of micro-units for lava evacuees.  I'm glad I had a chance to watch this, for I learned that Fresh Onishi (only one with white shoes) was part of the team that made this happen.  He is important in my life for, as a cousin of my wife Pearl, and a Big Island Councilman then, he spearheaded the planting of those Gold Trees on Hawaii and Oahu.  We needed to get Council approvals to do this.  I also would like to mention that former Councilman Nestor Garcia was helpful.


Oh, remember yesterday I mentioned Simon Cowell's son, his name is Eric, had a crush on Sophie?  Well, here is some evidence that brings that statement into question.

Enough frivolity and fun, for today I return to why this blog site was created:  Sustainable Systems for Planet Earth and Humanity.  Tomorrow, there will be an incredible part 2 that should be mind-boggling.

I worked under Edward Teller on deuterium-tritium fusion (isotopes of hydrogen) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  I'm a close colleague of Chuck Helsley, who is president of Fusion Energy.  Bob Burke, board chairman, was at Livermore when I was there, and we later became good friends.

Here is what most of us know about fusion:
  • Our Sun and all the stars out there use fusion to create energy.  
  • The dominant fuel begins with molecular hydrogen, creating a core temperature in the range of 27 million F, but even here, the process is rather complicated.
  • However, the ITER tokomak system (that donut shape using magnetic confinement in France) using deuterium-tritium will someday reach 300 million F.  The target date keeps disappearing into the future, but current estimates show a cost of $30 billion to produce heat, but not electricity, in about two decades.
If you Google what fuel is used for fusion, you get the above.  But what about Helium 3?  This is a non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron (common helium has two protons and two neutrons).
While He3 is found on Earth, it is mostly in deeper portions of our planet so that one of the best access sites today just happens to be Fissure #8 of the Lower Puna Eruption.   You laugh, but where else has lava been continually flowing for 91 days.  Actually, this activity initially began closer to the summit of Kilauea Volcano more than 35 years ago.  Continuous!!! 

Otherwise, there is speculation that the Moon might have abundant quantities, while Jupiter surely has a lot more.  The Moon has recently come into the news because shadowed areas could contain 50 parts per billion of He3.  The mining to extract this gas remains a huge challenge, and it might require the use of He3 fusion with deuterium to provide sufficient energy.  In any case, the reality of net positive He3 energy from the Moon is controversial.

That doesn't discourage Ouyang Ziyuan, who is in charge of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.  He has said that the mining of He3 was a main reason why the country would go to the Moon.  It would "only" take one Space Shuttle load/week to supply all the energy for Humanity on Planet Earth.

In 2006 Russia said they plan to mine He3 by 2020.  Note however, that this info comes from the UFO Digest.  Another typical article is Cow Abducted by Flying Saucer in Argentina.

If those announcements don't save NASA, then it will be up to the private sector, like, for example, Moon Express, which got it's start at the Ames Research Center, where I once worked on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Certainly it will take something like this China/Russia challenge to revive the national space program, for major federal spending in outer space, like the Apollo Project, is only spurred by international politics to outcompete your deadly enemies.  

Here are a few He3 films to inspire you:
  • Moon (2009), with Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell, a film that gained 89%/89% ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.  No kidding, He3 for clean energy.
  • Iron Sky (2012), where Nazis in 1945 set up a secret base on the Moon to invade Planet Earth with flying saucers.  Rotten Tomatoes bestowed 38%/37% ratings.
  • Here is a 1990 short clip from NASA.
Or read Pierce Brown:
My assessment?  Don't hold your breath.  For one, we are not close to deuterium-tritium fusion, and deuterium-He3 fusion will require temperatures perhaps three times higher.  Then, too, why go to the Moon or Jupiter when we can tap the Lower Puna Eruption?

Tomorrow, perhaps with tongue firmly in cheek, I will prove yet provide another of my whimsical recommendations to a world leader seeking a Nobel Prize for Peace.  And this one will have everything to do with Helium 3.  Donald Trump does not anymore qualify as a world leader, so who could this possibly be?

Oh, oh, Tropical Storm Hector, now to the east of Hawaii, is predicted to at least attain Category 2 hurricane strength.  My (and this is totally unofficial) speculation is that previous ocean storms this summer, because of prevailing conditions, have all tracked south of the state, so this should again happen:


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