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Sunday, July 4, 2010


My previous July 4 postings provided all the background you need about Independence Day, our 234th birthday, although in 2008, I focused on a Declaration of Energy Independence.  The most noteworthy statistic of the day is that Jaws Chestnut gobbled down 54 (way short of the 68 record he set last year) Nathan hotdogs to win the annual Coney Island event for the fourth straight time.  I guess there was no competition, as Takeru Kobayashi, who was the victor the previous six championships, did not participate, and was actually arrested attempting to hot dog his way to the stage at the end.  Chestnut consumed about 15,000 calories.

Well, that was not so wonderful, but what was is that I found my billfold.  About a decade ago, Pearl picked me up at the airport, and when I returned home, I noticed that my pants pocket was unzipped and my wallet was missing.  After a frantic search, call to the airport, United Airlines, credit card and driver's license offices over the next 24 hours, nothing.  An interesting sidebit is that one of my checking accounts over the next week received two deposits, and not from us.  Anyway, two weeks later, Pearl, while cleaning her car, found my wallet, which had just fallen out of my pocket into a crevice that was not readily viewable.  What a relief, but what a pain.  About those two deposits?  Never figured it out.

What I'm getting to is that on Friday night I remember paying for two coffees at Starbuck's at the Ward Entertainment area.  Then I noticed my billfold was missing yesterday, so went back today to see if they had a lost and found.  After no success, they suggested I go to the Securities Office.  I did, and no luck.  So I drove to Betsy and Harvey Lee's annual July 4th extravaganza.  Here is the group:

I then left the party, opened the door to my car, and saw the billfold, which could be barely seen only under full sunlight.  What a wonderful day!  This is my view from my computer as I complete my blog for today.

There are now two minor storms in the Gulf of Mexico, one now virtually on top of the oil spill area and 
a second seeming to take the same path as Hurricane Alex.

-Global Sea-Surface Temperature

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