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Friday, July 16, 2010


1.  On this Day 88, the Gulf oil leak has reportedly been stopped by BP.  Yet, I am wondering why President Barack Obama has been almost defensively conservative about this huge success.  Does he know something we don't, as, perhaps the leak is now spreading through the damaged well system underground?  According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser this morning, 184 million gallons were released (50 times more/day than what BP originally announced), and, maybe 32 million gallons recovered.  This getting close to the 250 million gallons Saddam Hussein's troops perpetrated on Kuwait, a lot more than the up to 32 million gallon spill from the Exxon Valdez.  The market value of the total oil is $336 million, but more than ten times that amount has been spent by BP on the response, with another $17 billion of liabilities.  Oh, today BP admitted that it had a role in the release of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi.  No one can now believe them on whatever they originally said because they keep getting embarrassed like this.

2.  The Wall Street reform package passed the Senate yesterday, and President Obama is expected to sign it next week.  Three Republicans voted in the affirmative.

3.  The Chinese government grounded 18 flights, but has still not commented on the UFO of last week.  No, it's not that large red saucer to the right.  It is that tiny contrail inside that oval.  The actual video was awesome.  See the event on You Tube.  Mind you, UFO means unidentified flying object, but this doesn't mean aliens from outer space.  Still, it would be nice to learn what that really was.

4.  The next most popular film of the week should be the 2-1/2 hour long Inception, with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Some of the cast looks interesting:  Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard and Michael Caine.  No, it has nothing to do with UFO's.  From all reports, there are layers of dreams upon dreams to totally challenge your mind.  This is one of those films where adults might want to view more than once.

5.  Last week my blog reported on "How You Can Save $150 and Your Life."  Today, I called Hartford, my auto insurance company, informed them that I had just taken this course, and the nice lady on the line, after a few seconds of checking, said that I would save $327 during the upcoming three year period, including a check in the mail by August to reimburse me for this year.  This was for $12 and a four hour discussion session, while being serenaded by the Royal Hawaiian Band.  Most importantly of all, I am now a better driver.

6.  The Huffington Post yesterday published my article on "Science and the Future of Cloning:  Is Immortality Possible?"  At last count, there were 123 comments, the most in my 75 or so postings with them.

7.  Sorry, fat people, that Vivus obesity pill, Qnexa, does work, but apparently has too many deleterious health and safety problems, so was rejected by a FDA panel.  The pharmaceutical firm touting it, Vivus, fell 55% today.

My day ended over dinner with four visitors. Franck Lucas and Frantz Sinama of Le Reunion Island, and Driss Stitou and Sylvain Mauran of France.  They are in town to discuss OTEC.  Jacques d'Arsonval (1881) and Georges Claude (1930), both Frenchmen, first conceived of and experimented with ocean thermal energy conversion, a technology now being designed for Honolulu by Lockheed Martin.  I visited them in 2005 and learned that Time Zero for OTEC in Le Reunion is now noted to be 2005, where I am credited for inspiring them to proceed.  (Sylvain, Frantz, Pat, Franck and Driss)

Oh, oh, the Dow Jones Industrials crashed 2.5% today, down 261 to 10,098, while world markets all plunged, the Japan Nikkei sinking 277 to 9408.  No particular reason except for something called consumer confidence.  Goldman Sachs stock increased, even after paying $550 million,  settling civil fraud charges with the SEC, and Apple dropped a bit as Steve Jobs told the world that the 4G iPhone was better than the competitors', and, by the way, have a free bumper (also known as a case).  Gold decreased $17/toz to $1192 and crude oil is at $76/barrel.

Conson remains a minimal typhoon, after killing 38 in the Philippines and brushing Hainan Island last night.  It is expected make landfall southwest of Hanoi tomorrow.


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