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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am now in Las Vegas and will be staying with Sharon and Dan Takahashi, my brother.

I begun serializing my religion chapter from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, and continue today:

The Second Coming of Christ

Let’s see now:

o Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948.

o There has been a shocking plummeting of morality.

o We are beset with famine, violence and wars.

o There have been more earthquakes, especially in Indonesia. Perhaps that is where he will appear, a Muslim nation, at that.

o Travel and education has vastly increased.

o There has been an explosion of cults and the occult.

o The UN and G8 nations indicate that there is more and more a centralization of world financial and political power.

o There has been a curious combination of apostasy (renunciation of religious faith) and an outpouring of higher faith.

My, my, my, aren’t those the exact signs that are supposed to foreshadow the second coming of Christ? You can go to to receive guidance. Forget the movie, await the real thing!


The Dow Jones Industrials increased 12 to 10,564, with world markets mixed. The Japan Nikkei is at 10,559. Gold was down a buck to $1122/toz and oil is at $81/barrel. had an article today on energy crystals, or marine methane hydrates. While the focus was on a future source of energy, the danger is that one molecule of methane is 25 times worse than a molecule of carbon dioxide in global warming, and Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth, entitled The Venus Syndrome, suggests a possible end of the world under certain worst case scenarios.


Tropical Cyclone 18 formed just east of Madagascar, and, at 40 MPH, is moving west and should make landfall tomorrow.


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