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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here is an e-mail response I sent to a colleague today. I urge you to click on Dan and read his message to teenagers.

Dear XXX:

YYY could well be right, and this presentation might seem coyingly teenfantile, but, in so many different words, I think Dan nailed it! This is what most of you have been saying these many months using hyperbolic language. The effort to educate will need to be diversified and targeted. When has any of you communicated through YouTube? We have a tendency of mostly preaching to the choir on the internet, but that's okay because we mostly sing off-key and some of us want to be challenged. Also, are challenged. At least we are on our way to a semblance of a solution, or tweak.

I had dinner last night with someone in the other virtual forum (I've added them to this mailing for this one time only so he can be without my saying...) who sincerely feels that global warming is happening, but is not man-made, is certain that oil, with a few sinusoids, will largely remain under $100/barrel for many decades, and brought up a point that in the worst case scenario, say The Venus Syndrome, intelligence will probably recover anyway through microbic evolution, panspermia ( a topic I touched on in my blog yesterday) or divine intervention. Not to destroy his credibility, because 90% of Americans also do, but the latter (God) will deliver, anyway. My Chapter 5 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity thinks not. I begin serializing it next week.

More so, he thinks that we have not even begun to tap the possible, for we can't even see or measure 95% of what must be around us (dark matter and energy). Yes, that was my blog of December 4. Anyway, he is in town this week because the Department of Energy sent him to help us get more serious about doing things real about energy. Yes, the USDOE is equivalent to saying United Nations, but Hawaii (and, make that Nation and World, too) is not focused on our true needs. No surprise.



The Dow Jones Industrials dropped 11 to 10,441, while world markets mostly went up. The Japan Nikkei is at 10,177. Gold went jumped $12/toz to $1138 and crude oil is rising to approach $73/barrel. reported:

The markets have been somewhat volatile this week, partly due to quadruple witching, which is coming up on Friday. Quadruple witching occurs when contracts expire for stock market index futures, market index options, stock options and stock futures.

So watch out for Friday.

Tropical Cyclone Laurence, once at Category 5, has weakened to Category 1 and was set to strike Derby (northwest Australia) today.


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