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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yes, the Sun is shining over Honolulu today.  My staff at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute chided me on my pollyannaish attitude, for when things looked dim, I kept saying, at least you got a job and the Sun is shining.  While the double hammer of Peak Oil and Global Warming, compounded by the size of our world population, to reach 7 billion any month now, shifted my general optimism, as best exemplified by a talk I presented a few weeks ago to the Engineers and Architects Association of Hawaii entitled, What Hawaii Must Do Now to Ameliorate the Coming Doom, I remain excited about the future prospects for Planet Earth and Humanity.  

Mind you, Hawaii, particularly, will almost surely face a serious economic depression when oil shoots up past $150/barrel, but by 2100, this should be a great, but different, place to be.  It's all in how we react to this imminent cataclysm, and the worrisome factor is that I don't see any evidence of enlightenment today.

On that note, of course there are a few really bad terrorists, the world economy is junk and governments are broken, but there are a lot of positives to the World around us:

1.  You're alive, for that itself is a one in a decillion chance.

2.  The Cold War is over.  Just let Iran or North Korea drop an atomic bomb over Israel or Japan.  That will be the end of Iran and/or North Korea and that's that.  The world was in imminent danger of human existence in 1961 when the Soviet Union exploded the Tsar Bomba (above was a purported poster of that blast, but that was not it...but great photo).  Yet, the doomsday clock is still at 6 minutes to midnight:

3.  There are articles lamenting the high cost of things.  For example, at the beginning of World War II, a suit supposedly cost only $20.  The worth of $20 then is $300 today.  You can go to any discount clothing store and get a reasonably good suit for $100, and, certainly, for $300.  An unbelievable example is that I paid $3 for a can of 3 tennis balls half a century ago.  A can of three tennis balls today should then cost $22, but remains $3.

4.  Maybe there won't be Peak Oil for a long time to come, after all.  For one, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has petroleum at $90/barrel in December of 2019.  Plus, the oil epicenter is shifting to the Americas, for:

  c.  America is the Saudi Arabia of oil shale (in fact, we have six times more of this energy resource as Saudi Arabia has oil).*

*There is, though, a problem, as many of these unconventional oil resources are difficult and much more expensive to produce, water intensive and environmentally disastrous.  Not to speak of that global warming problem.

6.  Hawaii is awaiting the coming of the China and South Korean tourists to save the tourist industry.  All we need are easier visa requirements.  Sure.

Anyway, it was a great weekend for me, and all my college football teams:  Stanford 45 - UCLA 19, LSU 35 - Kentucky 7 and Hawaii 44 - Lousiana Tech 26 (to the left, another Moniz to Pollard touchdown).  The Rainbow Wahine volleyball team crushed Nevada and Fresno State, plus, after a terrible pre-season, the Rainbow Wahine soccer team edged the league favorite, Utah State, 2-1, and thrashed Nevada, 5-0.  Below, the satisfaction shown by their coach, Michelle Nagamine:

I had my Sunday lunch at Buca di Beppo with a PAT Royale (champagne with limoncello), the house Chianti and lemon chicken with spaghetti bolognese:

While I've been trying to save Planet Earth and Humanity, I noticed on the wall Reena's goal in life, to install a backyard barbeque:

I can can honestly appreciate what she wants, and I found it humbling.  At least she will accomplish something.

I happened to read a review for What's Your Number, giving it zero stars.  I've been to poor one star movies, but I've never seen a film actually rated zero stars.  

I had to see it.  So, after lunch I went, and, personally, I would give it two stars (Rotten Tomatoes said that 60% liked the flick, and Leonard Maltin did, too):  not terrible, somewhat entertaining and a bit raunchy (it is R-rated):

You've also seen Anna Faris in the Scary Movies series, and even in Lost in Translation.  Chris Evans, the male lead, is Captain America.

Well, the day ended with just another sunset (same view as morning photo above):


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