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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dr. Masaharu Kimoto, an old friend, whose primary focus these days is on Tohoku and reconstruction, arranged for one of his staff, Dr.Yoshiyuki and Hidemi Katayama, to:

 host dinner, accompanied by Professor Takeo and Yayoi Kondo.:

Dr. Katayama, just a few days ago officially received his PhD under the mentorship of Professor Kondo of Nihon University.  My dinners in Kyoto have annually been about the best I've had in Japan.

Tonight, we went to Sasabune and had traditional Kyoto cuisine.  We started with Sapporo beer, went on to Benitome Goma (sesame seed) Shochu (25%), and finished with two kinds of sake.  I was too busy in discussion with the four on everything about Japan and the world, that I neglected to take the usual photos.  Here is just one, our duck dish:

We then took a night tour of blossoming Sakura:

Willow trees were also in the mix:

Particular mahalo to Yayoi and Takeo, for tomorrow begins the first day of the university year, and they Shinkansened in from Tokyo for this evening:

Thanks, of course, also to Dr. Kimoto.

This is Day 21 of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Catastrophe. There is more and more radioactivity leaking into the ocean surrounding Fukushima, mostly Iodine-131.

The diagram on the left shows that the Oyashio and Kuroshio Currents pick up this radioactive water and meet at one of Japan's most productive fishing grounds.  Every day brings just another piece of bad news.

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