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Saturday, March 5, 2011


For dinner tonight I could not make up my mind on whether to buy a beer, grab a McDonald's with french fries, and enjoy them watching TV in my room, or eat at Kisso, just two floors up, an upper end Japanese restaurant (I know of others in Tokyo and London) in the Westin Grande located across the street from the Sheraton Grande.  So I strolled over and started in the basement to check on the prices (the whole meal would have cost far about $5), then got up to the third floor and was impressed with the decor, so Kisso's it was.

I had a hot Hakutsuro sake and cold Asahi beer, starting with an ikura oroshi, going on to a sukiyaki with garlic rice and teppanyaki onions.  This serving for one could easily have satisfied two or more.

There were three levels of beef for the sukiyaki.  The "imported" beef, whatever that means, showed a price of $28 for the dish, while the Kobe beef choice was just under $100 and the Matsuzaka beef over $100.  While there are several locations in Japan noted to have superior beef to Kobe, this is the first time I've actually seen Matsuzaka more expensive than Kobe.  Matsuzaka is located next to where Mikimoto first cultivated pearls, and I can still remember Mayor Chihiro Takeuchi taking Yayoi and Takeo Kondo and me to one of the famous barbeque restaurants in Matsuzaka.  The thin slices were actually white, not red, but turned brown on the grill.

This wagyu beef (for wa=Japan and gyu=cow) in the USA/Australia is from 6-8% fat, while the Japanese varieties need to have a MINIMUM of 25%.  So is this bad for your health?  Surprisingly enough, NO!  This is because the fat in Japanese wagyu beef is mono-unsaturated.  Considering that the most expensive beef you will buy in your supermarket would be in the the range of $15/pound, consider that the Japanese equivalent goes up to $300/pound, thus making this price discrepancy at Kissho understandable.  (By the way, the 5250 yen to the right is only for 100 grams, so if you run the calculations, this chunk costs $291/pound today.)



TheTravelAngel said...

The food looks great and that makes me hungry now. I know how it tastes. and it tastes great and very yummy.

:-) Jane

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Anonymous said...

Nice food. I also love japanese foods. Good think it is also available in bangkok. Will try it when I go there.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love bangkok. I love the places and the food! I hope I can go there again someday. I've been there for only 2 days for business purposes.