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Friday, October 30, 2009


The following continues the serialization of Chapter 2 on education from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity. Yesterday, I reported on the Stanford Marshmallow Test. Today, how to better educate that one marshmallow child. Actually, since writing this chapter two years ago, I have discovered new information. For example, the child was not only provided a marshmallow. This makes sense because I hate this confection. The choice was among a marshmallow, pretzel, cookie or toy. Thirty percent delayed gratification. All tests were conducted on the Stanford Campus at the recently established Bing Nursery School. One interesting sidebar is that Mischel probably couldn't conduct this test today because too many children have allergies, and...well... One more thing, the students who resisted and gained all those terrific attributes, didn't just physically ignore the treat--they covered their eyes, sang Sesame Street songs and so on. Oh, by the way, the one marshmallow child turned out to, among all terrible things, get FATTER, not exactly a great surprise. Also too, Mischel (who is still at Columbia University, and is just about 80, originally from Vienna--yes, he was taunted by Hitler Youths for being Jewish--spent some time at Harvard, and moved to Stanford University in my senior year there) is taking this all to a new level, as certain participants will be asked to come to Stanford to undergo a fMRI test (they want to find out what part of the brain makes this decision) to get to the truth of the matter. Wow! This is like a real life evolutionary mystery. Anyway, read the following and gain new information by clicking on the second reference. (I must warn you: 6 pages, but fascinating!!)

Don't Eat the Marshmallow (t-shirts now passed out to save our youth)

Goleman suggests classes, with parental involvement, in:


Emotional literacy

Social competence and development

In addition, include the following:

Identifying feelings


Impulse control

Anger management

Conflict resolution



Problem solving

Temptation resistance

A second recent analysis of this test pretty much reflected the reference of yesterday and my views. We need to better focus on the other 4 R's to prevent crime, reduce drug use, etc. If you have any kind of potential to save Planet Earth and Humanity, I implore you to click on that second recent analysis.


Eight years and one day after the stock market crash of 1929, the Dow Jones Industrials sunk 250 (2.5%) to 9713, while markets in the Orient rose and Europe fell. Black Tuesday, 29Oct1929, saw a drop of 31 (12%) to 230, which, actually, was not as bad as 24Oct1929, when there was a decrease of 38 (13%) to 261. Could Monday be monumental? A 13% fall would amount to minus 1263 to 8450. Only a little more than seven months ago, on 9March09, the DJI settled at 6547, so there is a long way to go. I'm actually looking forward to a minor crash, for that is the only time I buy. Finally, today, crude oil also fell, $3/barrel, to $77, and gold remained unchanged at $1046/toz.


Typhoon Mirinae, at 95 MPH, made landfall in the Philippines, and is heading straight to Manila. The storm is moving quickly enough that rainfall will be high, but should not be devastating.


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