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Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday, I awoke early to catch the sunrise view of Mauna Kea. This is usually a picturesque pink if the weather cooperates. Unfortunately, the mountain was covered with clouds. However, for a three minute period, a rainbow formed where Mauna Kea would have been.

This reminded me that Pearl regularly visited Rainbow Falls. So, I drove there, for her first ash scattering ceremony. Just as I was about to toss her ashes, the sun peeked out and a rainbow formed at the base of the falls.

A tourist was taking photos, so he used my camera to record my presence at the site.

Later in the morning, a small group of relatives met at the home where Pearl lived in her youth.

The entourage drove up to Mauna Kea and I selected a site that seemed ideal for the second ceremony.

I then went on to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, where I am now staying. The view from my room is Mauna Kea.

Actually, that turned out to be Mauna Loa, or, maybe Hualalai, where I'll be staying tomorrow night. Around the corner was Mauna Kea.

I found an ideal spot for the third ceremony. Late at night I sat under the stars at the beach for a while and tossed her ashes into the waters of Mauna Kea Beach.



Nancy K said...

Hi Pat:

Thank you for allowing us to share in the scattering. It was a beautiful day up on Mauna Kea and perfect for honoring Pearl. I look forward to keeping up with your journey. I'll buy that book!!

Mauee said...

ash scattering ceremonyis very usual today because that is new style of burial.

Ashley said...

this is a new style of burial and this is the one that I like most the ash scattering ceremony I hope to see more post about it! Thank you.